Commitment and availability for training 6/8

At this stage it’s natural not to know how to handle every situation, and it’s good to acknowledge your reservations. Frontline is a two year programme that will help you understand the different approaches you can take in certain situations. We’re looking for your potential to grow, willingness to learn, and ability to stick with it. It is therefore crucial for our participants to commit to the full academic training programme.

It starts with a five-week intensive residential summer institute in July and August where teaching and learning sessions are scheduled from 8am-5pm or 9am-6pm. In September, you’ll start two years full-time practice placement in a local authority and also balance academic study. It is compulsory to complete all academic unit modules, including course-work and assignments throughout the training programme; this will require careful time management to complete study in the evenings and at weekends as well as meet the commitments of your day-to-day role.


  1. Are you available and willing to commit to participate in the entire training programme?