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Leadership development forms an integral element of the Frontline programme. Great social workers draw on a number of personal leadership behaviours day to day, whether influencing a mum to try to manage without drugs or listening and understanding what it is that is keeping a teenage boy from playing for his local football team.

The Frontline leadership capabilities have been designed specifically for a social work setting and detail the different ways that you might use leadership skills when working as a social worker. At the foundation of these capabilities are the principles of resilience and self-reflexivity. Both are at the core of systemic social work practice.

Over the course of the programme we will work closely alongside you to provide you with the support, toolkit and opportunities you need to consider how you apply your own leadership style in your practice. We know from our experience that an awareness of the importance of leadership develops gradually over time.

Many people may not initially identify the link between leadership and social work, so we will explain the connection and give you the opportunity to explore this in depth across the course of the two-year programme. Over this time it is our hope that you will become adept at using your leadership abilities to bring about change with families, within the social work profession and beyond.

Throughout the two-year programme you will:

• Explore your ethical basis and develop an understanding of what inspires you to act

• Work with peers and experienced practitioners to understand how who you are has been shaped by where you have come from

• Practice planning and having difficult conversations

• Try different problem-solving approaches in different settings

• Consider what makes someone step into the role of ‘leader’.

In Year 1 these themes will be explored at the Summer Institute, recall days and with your consultant social worker and practice tutors. In Year 2 these will be explored throughout the masters assignments and teaching days and in more depth in your individual sessions with your development coach. In these sessions your coach will come to your local authority and work closely with you to consider how your personal leadership development may complement your work with colleagues, as well as children and families. In addition, you will have the opportunity to examine leadership in a range of different contexts through our bi-annual leadership seminars.

Leadership exists everywhere. When we refer to leadership we mean personal leadership, not positional or hierarchical leadership. The curriculum is designed with this at its heart. Once completing the Frontline programme we want you to have a much clearer idea about your own individual leadership style. We will help you develop an increased awareness of the different ways you can apply your leadership skill, to transform the lives of vulnerable children and to bring about change in local authorities and beyond.