Social work is a leadership profession in which you will need to inspire, persuade and bring out the best in diverse groups of people. To help you develop those skills you will benefit from Frontline’s leadership development programme, which has been carefully designed to support you to work with purpose in a range of challenging settings to bring about change.


As part of a local authority children’s services department you will form a unit with three other participants. A highly skilled and experienced consultant social worker (CSW) will supervise and line-manage you.

In the unit you will work directly with vulnerable children and families, building up a range of practice experience over the year. Placing you in a unit throughout your first year better enables you to discuss cases together with other participants, utilise connections between theory and practice, and allows more scope for self-reflection; all of which enhances your learning experience.

By the end of Year 1, you will have undertaken over 200 days of practical training – more than in other routes into social work – and 46 taught days of study. You will have a practice tutor who will tailor individual and group tutorials to your learning requirements, and your development will be regularly monitored and assessed throughout the year. Although this is a practical training programme, you will have significantly more face-to-face time with your tutor than on many traditional social work courses.

In addition, your work with children and families will be directly observed by your CSW and practice tutor, who will provide you with clear and specific feedback to help you build your skills.

At the end of Year 1, successful participants will be eligible to apply to register with Social Work England as a qualified social worker.