Our top 10 blogs of 2018

3rd December 2018

This December we are looking back at some of our proudest moments from 2018. Read on to see our best blogs from 2018.

Top tips for applying to Frontline

Get expert advice and guidance from our Recruitment team to help you with your application for the Frontline programme. There are still places available for 2019 in the Midlands and South West!

“Well, that’s a change!” – why I made the leap to children’s social work

Find out why Mark Coupe left his safe job as a sub-editor at 39 to become a children’s social worker on the 2018 Cohort of the Frontline programme.

Why do social workers use alienating language?

Social workers try to work with families and not “do to” families, but the jargon social workers use often leaves families feeling alienated. Read about the group of fellows who have started a regular forum to address social work challenges like this.

Doing child-protection social work with parents: what are the barriers in practice?

Understanding the relationship between values and behaviour is not straightforward. Discover why the two don’t always align in social work practice.

Summer institute week 5: the most wonderful group of strangers

Find out what it’s like going back to studying, learning from those who have been at the receiving end of social services and uniting behind a common purpose in the first five weeks as a participant on the 2018 Cohort of the Frontline programme.

Celebrating social work

Read about some of the stand out moments from the careers of social workers in the Frontline network, in this celebration of social work from World Social Work Day.

Josie promotes some of our opportunities for students and graduates on campus

A day in the life of a graduate intern

Our graduate interns at Frontline are valuable members of the Recruitment team during one of the most important and exciting points in the recruitment calendar. Get a taste of some of the work they are involved in.

“Social work is not rocket science; it’s far more difficult than that”

Earlier this year Steve Goodman spoke at our leadership seminar. Read this interview to find out more about his career in social work and the need for the Reclaiming Social Work model that he helped create.

From brand manager to employment in the third sector

Find out how her time as a Frontline brand manager led Francesca Houghton to a permanent role at the charity and a passion for supporting young people through her career.

Nina Sandelson

The Frontline student internship – “I’ve learnt more than I could have imagined”

Each summer we offer penultimate year students the opportunity to be part of Frontline’s London office team for a three-week internship. Read about Nina Sandelson’s experiences as an intern.