Party leaders announce support for Frontline

8th November 2013

Frontline is proud to receive messages of support from the leaders of Britain’s three main political parties. Our new video features:

– Ed Miliband, Leader of the Opposition (Labour)
– Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister (Liberal Democrats)
– David Cameron, Prime Minister (Conservatives)

Ed Miliband said:

“I’m delighted to support Frontline. I know that great social workers make a huge difference to our country – to young people and their families.

“Frontline is such an important initiative because it’s saying to our most able graduates, “please come into social work and make a difference to our country”.

Nick Clegg said:

“(Frontline) is a high profile scheme to recruit and train the next generation of social work leaders, putting social work on a par with the medical and legal professions and introducing rigorous training for ambitious graduates.

“Frontline is a great step forward for the profession. It will bring greater recognition of the high standards to which all social workers train.

David Cameron said:

““It’s absolutely critical that the best and the brightest are attracted into social work; and Frontline’s been set up to do just that.

“Every child deserves the opportunity to grow the up free from abuse and neglect. Social workers are right on the front line of this fight… turning around the lives of some of the vulnerable children in our country.”