Practice, Policy and Innovation


The Fellowship invests in the practice skills of fellows who remain in social work. This includes developing their direct work and leadership capabilities. Excellent practice skills are essential for great social workers and we will continue to support fellows in the approaches in which we have trained them. 

Practice Zone in action

The Fellowship is directed and led by fellows, as is the content of the Fellowship practice zone. Fellows share ideas for practice workshops and the Fellowship team work with them to facilitate their delivery. Fellows are funded to attend conferences on specific practice topics, such as gang violence and county lines, or child criminal exploitation. They then go on to share their learnings with the wider Fellowship.

Practice workshops

To date, there have been a range of exciting practice workshops in the Fellowship:

  • This year, a fellow facilitated a workshop in London on contextual safeguarding
  • A fellow, alongside a leadership development advisor for the Firstline programme, led three workshops across the country that focussed on emotional resilience and how to build a toolbox to support it.
  • At the Fellowship Annual Event 2017 – which brings fellows together for an evening of networking and a day of workshops – there were a number of practice workshops. For example, Dr David Shemmings OBE led a workshop which looked at why and how we can go beyond ‘wishes and feelings’ to explore the child’s inner world, to begin to understand what life is like for them.

If you are a fellow and have an idea for the practice zone, get in touch on the Fellowship Community. We would love to hear your ideas. 


Frontline fellows are equipped with the skills and experience to positively influence policy for disadvantaged children and families, and the social work profession more broadly.  

Policy Zone in action

All fellows are signposted to social work consultations, as well as guidance on contributing to these, enabling fellows wherever they are to input into policy decision-making. 

Policy workshops

  • The Fellowship ran a series of workshops around the country called ‘Push for Change’, which equipped fellows with key tools to influence policy at a local and national level.
  • After attending a public policy event with the Fellowship, two of our fellows ran a workshop where they shared what they had learnt with other fellows. The workshop covered the latest research and statistics on child poverty, key legislation, and how poverty impacts children, parents and social work practice.

If you are a fellow who is interested in the Policy zone, get in touch on the Fellowship Community. We would love to hear your ideas. 


We support fellows to pursue innovative projects which focus on making improvements for children and families. We provide fellows with the opportunity to collaborate with other innovative fellows and receive expert support to set up an innovative enterprise.  

Innovation Zone in action

Fellowship innovation hubs link together fellows who are working on innovative projects. Fellows collaborate, inspire and problem-solve to improve services in local authorities. 

Innovation workshops

  • Innovation Hub events have been held in different areas of the country. Read how they got started here.
  • Fellows have the opportunity to work with Ark Ventures to develop their ideas into social enterprises or charities.   

If you are a fellow who is interested in the Innovation zone, please get in touch on the Fellowship Community. We would love to hear your ideas.