‘Representing Frontline on campus has been an amazing experience’

10th February 2015

Applications for 2016-17 Brand Managers are open now for 33 universities. Apply today!
Whilst searching for part-time work, I required a job that was flexible, fun and challenging – and, of course, a job that paid well. Frontline stood out to me. Their mission, to transform the lives of vulnerable children by recruiting and developing outstanding individuals to be leaders in social work and broader society, offered something different.
Frontline helps to foster teamwork. The Brand Managers across all universities are actively involved in coming up with implementing vital parts of the marketing strategy. The charity is dedicated to training and informing their Brand Managers before they start their role. For example, on our first training day we learned more about the start-up of Frontline and the benefits of child protection social work. We were able to bounce off ideas on how to be effective in reaching out to students who may be interested. We also had an opportunity to go out and share Frontline’s mission across London. I found the day extremely useful and I was ready to put all the things that I had learnt into action.
I had little prior experience in marketing so I was a little nervous at first, however, immense support was given to me by my Recruitment Officer. Together we worked on developing a strategy to attract students to Frontline. After our meetings I felt a lot more confident and prepared in terms of marketing.
I was determined to find high calibre students with the credentials to flourish in the field of social work. I helped to promote the charity: from flyering around campus, posting on social media to handing out Frontline bike seat covers to protect cyclists on a rainy day. It was great talking to students at the start of a lecture, or on a one to one basis at career fairs, to share the benefits of becoming a vulnerable child’s social worker. I met people who were still figuring out what to do after university. Therefore I helped to pull out their strengths and share why they should consider applying for Frontline.
Working as a Brand Manager has been an amazing experience. Throughout the year I have developed organisational, marketing and interpersonal skills. It is not just part-time work but a job that requires passion. It has most certainly helped me in realising the significance of social work. I never thought I could find a part-time job that would strengthen my desire to help others.
If you want some experience in marketing, or thinking of a career in social work – or want an opportunity to socialise and network with people – then apply to be a Frontline Brand Manager. You are bound to develop your confidence, your knowledge of social work and have a lot of fun.