Social work manager training scheme boosts confidence and retention

25th January 2017

A government-funded training programme for children’s social work managers has been praised for developing the confidence and skills of practitioners while also improving retention.

The Firstline programme, which is run by Frontline, seeks to develop the leadership skills of social work managers and an evaluation published today found its prototype work with 37 managers was having a positive effect.

“There were signs of the prototype having had a positive impact on the [participants’] leadership capabilities and social work practice,” said the evaluation by the Centre for Child and Family Research in Loughborough. “The [participants] reported that the programme helped them to think more about other people’s perspectives and be more reflexive. They learned to reframe issues, act differently, and view situations more positively, and had become more mindful and self-aware.”

Read the full article by Luke Stevenson in Community Care.