In Frontline’s podcast, Stories of Change, you’ll hear from amazing people and organisations who are bringing about social change for disadvantaged children and families. You’ll hear in their own words how they are making a difference and how you can apply the lessons they’ve learned to social work.

Change starts with a conversation.

Latest episode

From idea to reality: reflecting on my time at Frontline, with Josh MacAliste‪r

Over seven years ago, Frontline chief executive, Josh MacAlister, stepped out of the classroom, set up and launched Frontline. As a teacher, he realised how important it was for children to have a safe and stable home life, and the impact that this had on their education.

Today, over 100,000 children and their families have received support from social workers through Frontline’s programmes. Soon leaving his post at the charity, Josh reflects on the impact he’s had and his hopes for the future in this first episode of series 3.

Our host

“I’m Beth Vecchione, Frontline fellow, social worker, and podcast host for series two of Frontline’s Stories of Change. To share a bit more about me, I grew up in Oxford. When I was born, my dad wanted to call me ‘Betty’, which he still does to this day! From an early age, I’ve loved to dance. Staying active helped me to keep out of trouble and focussed as a teenager. In 2019, I set up ‘Care to Dance’ – a social enterprise that uses dance to improve the wellbeing and confidence of children in care. I believe it’s so important for young people to have a safe and caring space to go and express themselves. As podcast host, I’ve enjoyed hearing from others who are making a difference. I also like to talk…a lot…to the extent that the young people I work with through Care to Dance have given me the nickname ‘Stacey Solomon’!”

Learning from Lockdown

In this special series, you’ll hear from inspiring people and organisations who adapted to the coronavirus pandemic and what you can learn from their experiences.