Summer internship

Are you an undergraduate student who is driven to make a difference? Join our three-week summer internship to gain experience in the charity sector, work with disadvantaged groups, lead a social change project, and build the skills necessary to make a positive impact with your career.  

Our bespoke training will help you uncover skills you never knew you had – from leadership, and conflict resolution, to creative problem-solving and resilience. These skills will open doors to a wide range of social impact careers. They are especially important if you are thinking of applying to become a social worker on the Frontline programme.  

We will support and pay you to undertake a week’s volunteering, working directly with disadvantaged groups in your community. You’ll speak to experienced social work professionals and learn about the different ways our Frontline fellows are driving social change. 

Ready to develop your leadership potential and make an impact? This opportunity is available for penultimate and final year students. 

Apply now for the summer internship.  

Why should you apply to the summer internship? 

  • Develop your leadership, resilience, empathy and relationship building. 
  • Test your analysis, planning and organisation skills on impactful and dynamic social change projects with your fellow interns. 
  • Receive guidance and financial support from Frontline to source and participate in voluntary experience with organisations supporting disadvantaged groups in your community.  
  • Receive career guidance and support from a dedicated mentor within the Frontline recruitment team. 
  • Work in locations across England. 
  • Fast track your application to start the Frontline programme in 2023. 

To find out more please go to our job pack. We would also recommend you register to attend one of our events.

Applications are now closed.