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Dr Julia Jude

Julia has over 26 years of working within a multi-disciplinary context: children and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS), education and children’s services. Her diverse roles as principal systemic therapist, academic tutor, consultant, supervisor, doctoral supervisor and researcher have enabled her to support staff and students at many levels in their work with children and their families.

Research interests

Connecting indigenous, ideas, practice and research to find ways of pushing forward indigenous methodologies, and discourse in social work and systemic practice.

Selected publications

Publications – Peer Reviewed

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132 Jude, J. (2015) Seselelame – feelings in the body. Journal of family therapy

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Jude, J. & Rivera, V. (2013) Fathers and non-violent resistance. Context 132 Jude, J. & Regan, S. (2010) Reflective practice. Children’s Workforce Development Council – Research

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Julia has over 12 years’ experience teaching and supervising in systemic practice at the Institute for Family Therapy, Kings College London and Prudence Skinner; and experience of teaching groupwork and NVR training and practice.

Location: London

1 Rosebery Avenue,

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