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Dr Karen Treisman

Dr Treisman is a Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist who has worked in the NHS and children’s services for several years. Karen has also worked cross-culturally in Africa and Asia with groups ranging from former child soldiers to survivors of the Rwandan genocide.

Karen has extensive experience in the areas of trauma, parenting and attachment. She works clinically using a range of therapeutic approaches with families, systems and children in or on the edge of care, adopted children, and unaccompanied asylum-seeking, trafficked, and refugee young people.

In addition to holding a doctorate in clinical psychology, Karen has undergone a range of specialist training.

Karen has previously worked in both Milton Keynes’s and Kensington and Chelsea’s looked after children (LAC) and fostering services. She has also worked within the National Implementation Service for evidence-based interventions for looked after children, children on the edge of care, and children in custody at the Michael Rutter Centre in the Maudsley Hospital. In addition, she has spent time as a clinical lead for a court assessment and intensive parenting intervention team for children on the edge of care and in proceedings in Islington.

Karen is the director of Safe Hands and Thinking Minds training, consultancy & assessment services. This includes being an external consultant to Barnardos Adoption Service, Grandparents Plus, NSPCC, AdoptionPlus, PAC-UK, Hope for families, Three Steps, Pause, and the Fostering Network.

Karen is a member of the CoramBAAF health group committee, and a reviewer for the Journal of Adoption & Fostering. She regularly presents at national and international trauma, parenting, and attachment conferences.

Karen is the author of “Working with relational and developmental trauma in children and adolescents” (Routledge, 2016), and “A therapeutic treasure box for children with relational and developmental trauma” (September, 2017); and developer of “A Therapeutic Treasure Deck: Sentence Completion and Feelings Cards” (December 2017).

Research interests

Relational trauma, developmental trauma, toxic stress, looked after children, adopted children, unaccompanied asylum-seeking, refugee, and trafficked young people, birth mothers who have had their children removed, kinship carers, foster carers, gang-related behaviour, strengths-based practice, cross cultural psychology, sensory and body-based interventions, trauma within the organisation, working within “traumatised organisations”

Selected publications

Karen is the author of “Working with relational and developmental trauma in children and adolescents” (Routledge, 2016), and “A therapeutic treasure box for children with relational and developmental trauma” (September, 2017)

Conference Presentations

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Karen has taught several clinical psychology doctorate programmes, social work training courses, local authority learning programmes, and teacher training university courses. She is also currently designing and developing a masters in trauma and recovery with a south east England university (to be confirmed in 2018).


Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy), Level 1 and 2 Video Interaction Guidance, Child Attachment Interview Training, Story Stem Attachment Assessment Training, Level 1 and level 2 in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Level 1 and level 2 in Narrative Therapy, Level 1 and 2 of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Level 1 and 2 in Theraplay, Level 1 and 2 of Sensory Attachment Intervention, Certificate in the use of arts in therapy with children, Law, court report writing skills and giving evidence in court, BA Psychology

Location: London

1 Rosebery Avenue,

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