International Women's Day 2021: Lisa Zaranyika

Lisa Zaranyika

Lisa joined Frontline from the NSPCC Childline where she worked as a service manager. Prior to this, Lisa’s social work experience has been primarily in the statutory sector. She worked within a duty and assessment social work team for nine years, progressing from trainee social worker to advanced practitioner. Following qualification as an advanced practitioner, Lisa took up a post as part of a multi-disciplinary team within the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

Lisa moved into management four years ago, working as a deputy service manager in a long-term safeguarding team, before taking on the role of service manager.

Research interests

Understanding the needs of children from black and minority ethnic communities and exploring how social work approaches can be adapted to more effectively and consistently safeguard these children

How management and supervision can be used most effectively to promote social worker resilience and wellbeing


Lisa has worked as a practice educator for five years within a duty assessment team and a long-term safeguarding team.

Whilst a service manager at NSPCC Childline, Lisa was responsible for the co-delivery of the updated safeguarding training for all supervisors in the London Office. She also co-delivered the Childline volunteer training.


BSc Social Policy and Government

Postgraduate Diploma in Law

Masters in Law (LLM)

Masters in Social Work

Practice Teaching Enabling Others (Stage 1)

Practice Teaching and Assessing (Stages 2)

Diploma in Systemic Supervision

Location: London

Coram Campus
41 Brunswick Square