Andrea Rowe

I have been working at Frontline since 2013 and have had a number of roles at the charity. As head of HR I am responsible for all HR areas. This includes recruitment and selection, employee relations, engagement, pay, reward and performance management, wellbeing and learning and development, as well as operations management.

We take a progressive approach to HR and as a result there are always new challenges and ways of improving how we work. Our team is very collaborative, as is the charity as a whole. There are numerous opportunities to work with and support others in their work.

What has been really valuable is that I have been able to develop my leadership, strategic planning and public speaking skills whilst working here, and am supported through regular feedback from my manager to work towards my career goals. Frontline really is a great place to grow your skills, and I appreciate the welcoming, inclusive and friendly culture at Frontline.

Team: Operations

Job title: Head of HR

Location: London

Frontline, 1 Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R 4SR