Grace Seller

My role involves attracting and engaging both students and graduates to promote, represent and work with Frontline. Early engagement is pivotal to raising awareness of Frontline and extending our brand reach across universities and beyond.

Frontline is a forward thinking, innovative organisation which is constantly developing and growing. We are a fast-paced, close-knit set of individuals who are incredibly committed to our work. Everyone is always willing to talk through a problem, help out with workload and offer advice.

My line manager is trusting, open and understanding. Whether it’s excel, management, presentation or negotiation training – Frontline has been great at recognising the needs and requirements of my role and ensuring I am able to deliver to the best of my ability.

Because Frontline is a relatively small organisation your voice gets heard and you are encouraged to speak out, which means you develop quickly and across such a broad range of areas. Be prepared to work hard, challenge thinking and meet some amazing people!

Team: Recruitment

Job title: Early Talent Manager

Location: London

Frontline, 1 Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R 4SR