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John Batteson

I lead our attraction team, which works nationwide and is responsible for promoting the Frontline programme to students and career changers. We work closely with universities across the country as well as local charities and voluntary organisations to ensure our message is reaching the right audience.

A role in the Recruitment team has provided a unique chance for me to encourage people to enter a hugely worthwhile profession, and hearing about the amazing work of Frontline participants makes the work very rewarding. I have had so many different training opportunities while working here, including in line management, negotiation, public speaking and counselling. This has allowed me to develop personally as well as learn more about the social work profession.

I would say the culture at Frontline is unique. People have had very different experiences, but everyone is passionate about the same goals, and there is a great mix of qualified social workers and those from other backgrounds. The charity is also open and adaptable, encouraging new ideas from staff about how we can work towards our mission more effectively.

Team: Recruitment

Job title: Attraction Manager

Location: London

Frontline, 1 Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R 4SR