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Natalie Strange

I help design and implement the selection process for the Frontline programme, and organise and support successful candidates. I first joined Frontline as a graduate intern, fresh out of university. When a permanent position opened up in the same team, I eagerly applied.

My team is friendly and open and we work closely to support each other. Frontline feels like a family and this friendly culture carries across into managerial relationships. Knowing I can be open with my manager makes our working relationship much more transparent and each other more approachable. There is a great emphasis on feedback at Frontline.

My line manager encourages me to think about what skills to focus on and what responsibilities to take on. This positive encouragement has been vital in developing my confidence, which has grown dramatically since I started working here. This has gone hand-in-hand with learning new skills: I have been learning how to negotiate, have started counselling training so I can provide support for participants, and am also learning how to interview.

Team: Recruitment

Job title: Selection Coordinator

Location: London

Frontline, 1 Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R 4SR