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Shada Yousef

I support with various tasks linked to events, attraction, and the selection and onboarding of candidates for the Frontline programme. I take pride in the fact that my work helps transform the lives of vulnerable children, by recruiting outstanding child protection social workers. It’s great to know that I can come home at the end of each day and know that my hard work has made a positive contribution to society.

I have had many challenging opportunities to develop my organisational, multi-tasking and interpersonal skills. Despite my team being very busy, I know that I can always turn to one of them if I have a question. I also think that the team has a great sense of humour and even tough days can involve hilarious moments.

The culture at Frontline is upbeat, friendly and hardworking. If you are willing to be a flexible team player and work hard in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment for an extremely worthwhile cause, then Frontline might be for you!

Team: Recrutiment

Job title: Recruitment Coordinator

Location: London

Frontline, 1 Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R 4SR

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