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What we do

Through the Frontline programme, we take an innovative approach to developing social workers, equipping them with the skills to bring about change with children and families in complex and high-risk situations. We focus on developing great practice skill and leadership, to ensure that participants can build positive relationships, set out a vision for families and convince agencies to act with purpose. By combining intensive teaching of evidence-informed practice models, direct work, coaching, and observation, we develop highly skilled newly qualified social workers.

Those directly managing social workers play a significant role in the social work profession and can make all the difference in improving life chances for the most vulnerable children. That is why our Firstline programme develops good social work managers into outstanding leaders. Those who join the programme, called Firstline leaders, are supported to develop their leadership to enable social workers to provide high quality, considered and effective support to families. The programme also supports Firstline leaders to influence other professionals and more senior colleagues.

We know that if we really want to improve the life chances for the 500,000 children with social workers, we need a network of leaders with a shared experience and a commitment to use their skill to improve the outcomes of this group. We are therefore growing a movement of those who have completed our programmes, called Frontline fellows, and supporting them to apply their leadership in policy, social work practice and in setting up their own innovations. By 2020, there will be over 1,600 fellows helping to build secure foundations for some of our most vulnerable people.