The Frontline Internship – Workshops and winning bake offs

24th February 2016

I never doubted how incredible the work is that Frontline does, but I definitely didn’t realise how enriching their 3 week summer internship would be!
Working as an intern at Frontline has given me an invaluable insight into the organization, allowing me to really understand their values and how the organisation is run. It has also provided me with a number of vital skills for the workplace.
My role during the internship involved supporting the recruitment team, and I’ve got to say that working with them has definitely been my highlight. Working in such a friendly, innovative, exciting team has enabled me to develop my confidence and leadership skills; in fact all the staff at Frontline are incredibly supportive and encouraging no matter who you are.
As an intern with the recruitment team I was set a number of wide-ranging projects over the 3 weeks. But I’ll tell you about a project in particular that stretched me in all manner of ways! I was set the task of creating a workshop on reflection that could be delivered at universities. I was also asked to present the workshop to the team in my last week. I incorporated a range of theories, explanations and exercises based around the importance of being reflexive both personally, and in your work life. I then tested it out on the team which was a lot of fun! It was great to really get my teeth into something which has so many layers – from researching theory and creating exercises, to physically presenting the workshop as a whole.
I further developed my presentation skills when I presented a report on the results of a survey I had created, collected and analysed. The report gathered feedback from an insight day held at the Frontline head office, which myself and the external relations intern Luke attended. The insight day was a great chance to meet other potential applicants for the graduate programme, and to see that Frontline applicants come from all walks of life which is really positive, and really important for social work.  
Building connections and relationships with people is one of the best things about interning at Frontline, and you’ll get the chance to work on some projects with the other intern which is a great opportunity to collaborate. Luke and I were set the challenge of creating an activity for a brand manager training day – working as a brand manager is another great opportunity for undergraduates to get involved with Frontline!

We were asked to create an activity that would help the new brand managers to bond whilst promoting Frontline at the same time. So we created a route around London for them to follow which involved carrying out tasks at certain points along the route. For example, one of the tasks was to find 3 people to tweet Frontline in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Walking around London checking the route was definitely an enjoyable way to spend a sunny afternoon!
The final note I’m going to leave on is something that you simply cannot escape at Frontline, food.

Whether it’s everyone bringing in a delicious dish for a pot luck lunch, or the individual teams showing you different places across town, you will certainly not go hungry. We also had a Frontline bake off which, amazingly, I won. Top tip: cheese scones go down very well!
So, if you’re up for a challenge, want to work with great people and get more involved in the incredible work that Frontline does in social work, then do not miss out on applications for the summer internship! Who knows, next year it could be you delivering workshops and winning bakes offs…

After completing the internship Grace successfully gained a place on the Frontline programme as part of the 2016 Cohort.  Applications for this year’s internship programme are open until midday on 16 March, apply here

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