Watch: Eileen Munro on bureaucracy, blame and building a better future for social work

3rd May 2016

Professor Eileen Munro, whose influential review of child protection was published in 2011, delivered a seminar for social work training scheme Frontline last week. Watch Professor Munro’s talk in full above and read some of her key points below.

Munro on…

“[In my review] I was critical of what had developed over the previous decades. It was looking at social work as if it was a technical, rational process. It was as if you as a social worker were some kind of robot that went off to a home, collected information then went back and sat in front of a computer to type it into. I want to talk about how radically wrong that is about human beings and the nature of social work practice.”

“One of the great dangers of the managerialist approach is that we’ve forgotten…how much the human relationship pervades the whole process of trying to engage and work with a family. Your job is not to write beautiful reports and lovely essays. It is to make life different for children.”

Read the full article and watch the video on Community Care’s website here.