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Welcome to the Frontline programme

A message from Lisa Zaranyika, our head of diversity and inclusion

Following the murder of George Floyd in 2020, and as a charity committed to creating social change for children and their families, Frontline realised we needed to do more to combat racism within our organisation and on our programmes.

We’ve made a lot of progress since then, but there is still a lot more to do and we want to put the same energy into diversity and inclusion more widely, considering intersectionality. As part of this commitment, I was appointed as the head of diversity and inclusion, my vision is to create a long-term diversity and inclusion strategy that is coherent in all areas of our work, developing excellent relationships across the whole organisation and using leadership and influencing skills to bring about lasting change.

Prior to being appointed as the head of diversity and inclusion I was a principal practice tutor and have worked for Frontline for over three years, supporting four cohorts of participants. As such I have a good understanding of some of the challenges faced by participants with experiences of marginalisation, and I am committed to taking steps to reduce both the structural and interpersonal factors that contribute to this.

Social work is one of the most challenging and rewarding professions, and you will have the privilege of working with and effecting change for some of the most vulnerable and marginalised individuals, groups, and communities. The greater the diversity of the cohort the better placed you will be to understand and support the needs of the children and families you will have the honour to work with.

Frontline is committed to embracing diversity and is striving to create an environment in which everyone is invested and feels a sense of belonging. Listed below are some of the ways in which we seek to do this. As you progress on the course you will find your consultant social worker and practice tutor as an immense source of practice wisdom, knowledge, and pastoral guidance, please do be sure to speak with them if you are need of support; they will be best placed to guide you and where appropriate to signpost you to additional resources.

I look forward to welcoming you all at the Summer Institute and beyond!

Best wishes,

Wellbeing at the summer institute

You can see the full summer institute activity and wellbeing schedule by pressing the button below. You will be able to sign up to activities on Eventbrite the week before the summer institute starts. More activities to come!

Affinity groups

Affinity Groups are participant led peer-support groups that meet once a week during the summer institute. Participants in similar situations or from similar backgrounds can get together to share their ideas, experience, and advice on any element of the programme experience. The groups are optional and participant-led, with no staff involvement. Each group will have participant facilitators, if you would like to be a facilitator, please email The groups running at SI 2023 are:

You can sign up to the groups via this form.

Before the start of SI, an email will be sent introducing you to your fellow affinity group members and a link will be included to the first meeting. In the first week of SI, Frontline will organise an initial group meeting via Teams. After this, it is your responsibility as participants to organise meetings.

If you would like space at the teaching venue to be reserved for your group, please email


Throughout the summer institute, there are a range of options to help you relax and enrich your experience, from football to painting. Each week, we will be posting an announcement on Moodle (which will come through as an email notification to your Lancaster email address) that includes information about the upcoming week’s wellbeing offer.    

You will automatically have free access to the Armitage Sport Centre gym on the Fallowfield campus as Frontline participants. The gym is fully equipped with exercise gear and weights. The Manchester Aquatics Centre is just down the road from University Place. You can book and pay for individual sessions in advance of swimming through the Better website or app.

We will also be offering wellbeing social activities to give you the opportunity to meet people across the cohort. As Frontline is a charity with limited resources, these activities are not intended to be professional sessions but just an opportunity to help you relax and meet people.

Although all the sessions are free, you need to register for each class on Eventbrite, this link will go live the week before SI starts. All activities are suitable for beginners and welcome to all.  If you would like to lead an activity, please email

Please note: Your attendance at these activities involves a voluntary assumption of risk. Frontline will not be held responsible or liable in any way for any claims, damages, losses or liabilities resulting or arising from these activities.

You may want to organise a group walk during the day or after teaching; here is a link to an urban walk linking the lovely Whitworth and Alexandra Park. Manchester Green Trail 7 – Whitworth Park to Alexandra Park – GM Walking

Looking after yourself

We recognise that the summer institute is intense and can be emotionally challenging, therefore we have a wide range of options to support the start of your social work journey. You can find information about participant wellbeing on Moodle and the services that is available to you during the Programme. While at the summer institute, there is also a specific service to provide participants support called the Pastoral Care Team.

The Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral Care Team (PCT) is an active listening and signposting service that provides a space to talk and receive information about the support Frontline and Lancaster can offer you as a participant. 

It is staffed by internal members of staff from throughout Frontline, who are trained in active listening, but are not professional counsellors. Conversations will last for up to twenty minutes, if you have a serious concern your issue may be passed to Senior Cover to support you (more information about senior cover can be found in the Your Guide).  

If you would like to arrange a meeting with someone from the PCT, please email and let us know a time you are available within our operating hours. A member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your conversation time.   

The service operates as follows:

 Operating hoursLocation
Online weeks9:30am – 5:00pmZoom
In-person weeks9:30am – 5:30pm(On Fridays, the service will finish early at 3:45pm as the teaching day is shorter)Rooms 2.217 and 2.218 in University Place.

There is also a quiet space to wait if PCT are occupied when you would like to speak to them in Room 2.219

Get in touch

If you have any specific questions that are not covered in the guide, please get in touch with the summer institute team.