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Applications are open

We have consultant social worker vacancies in multiple locations throughout England.

What is a consultant social worker?

Consultant social workers are qualified practice educators who support, manage and develop participants who are training to be social workers on the Frontline programme.

You will have responsibility for a hub of typically five participants in your local authority. Your participants will learn through observing your practice and gradually taking on more responsibility for working with the families you support.

As a practice educator, you will assess them throughout their first year on the programme and recommend if they should qualify as social workers at the end of the year. You don’t need to have previously been a practice educator, because you will work towards achieving stage two of the Practice Educator Professional Standards during your training.

What will you get from the role?

If you want to remain in practice while gaining experience in management and teaching, the consultant social worker role is the perfect opportunity for you.

Develop your practice

With a protected caseload and 15 days of training over 13 months, the consultant social worker roles will help you reflect on and develop your social work practice education skills.

Gain management experience

Develop your skills in leading a team and line management, while continuing to work directly with children and families.

Earn a practice educator qualification

After 12 months you will achieve a stage two Practice Educator Professional Standards qualification.

Connect with your peers

Join the Frontline Fellowship, a national network of social workers trained by Frontline, and receive ongoing support and training throughout your career.

What we’re looking for

Excellent practitioners

We want social workers with a high level of practice skill, a strong ability to engage with children and families, and a proven track record in managing complex child protection and risk. Candidates must have experience of frontline child protection social work and confidence in their own practice.

You must have at least two years post-qualifying experience to apply.

Desire to develop new social workers

We are interested in candidates that demonstrate an enthusiasm for developing others by teaching and modelling great practice, and have the energy and warmth to support participants on the programme.

Interest in raising practice standards

We want individuals who understand good practice and want to see social work transformed to achieve the best outcomes for children and families.

Understanding of evidence-based practice models

Applicants do not need to have trained already in the models used by Frontline (systemic practice, motivational interviewing and parenting interventions). However, they should have a good understanding of evidence-based models, and must be able to demonstrate their ability to apply theory to practice.

Leadership potential

While you do not have to have previous management or supervisory experience, you will need to demonstrate the leadership qualities required to tackle the challenges of managing the participant unit.

Commitment to improvement of your own practice

You need to be committed to participating in training and working towards your Practice Educator qualification where required. Training on the consultant social worker programme can also help you to meet the continuous professional development requirements of your Social Work England registration.