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How we make social work better for children

Our values

Putting children first

Children who need a social worker are at the core of everything we do at Frontline. The aim of all our work is to keep them safe from harm and give them every possible chance to achieve their potential.

Valuing difference

To be the best we can be as a charity and to realise our mission, our people need to reflect the communities we serve, and this means reflecting difference of background, experience, thought and skillset.

Shared purpose

At Frontline we are all part of the same team working towards the same mission. This is what unites us.

Informed practice

Using evidence to inform decision-making in social work is key and we carry this principle across all other areas of our work.

Approach Social Work

Through Approach Social Work, we’re recruiting and teaching a new, diverse generation of social workers specialising in child protection.

Our leadership programmes

Through our leadership programmes we’re working with sector leaders to develop their leadership skills and create environments that allows social workers to thrive.

Our Fellowship

Through our Fellowship (alumni network), we’re inspiring our social workers to turn their insight into innovations and advocate for children and families.

Changing perceptions

We’re challenging what people think about social work and social workers so people can see just how vital and transformational this work is.

We won’t achieve change in the world by being cautious. We’re always exploring ways to solve challenges. Our ideas are innovative. Our nature is to question.