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Each year in England alone, social workers support over 700,000 children. These children, and their families, face some of the worst life chances. We believe it’s time for change.

Children, young people and their families need support when they are going through difficult times. On Approach Social Work (formerly known as the Frontline programme), you’ll work directly with the most disadvantaged in society and empower them to bring about positive change in their lives.

During your training, you’ll develop a range of skills, including relationship-building, conflict resolution and leadership. You will receive high-quality supervision and training from experienced social workers, academics and professional coaches.

We won’t lie; it’s a challenging profession. You’ll help families living in the toughest circumstances and struggling with a range of pressures. But it’s also one of the most rewarding careers. The programme is designed to give you the support you’ll need to thrive in the role, and the work you do will change lives for the better.

This is the work where you will…

Make a difference to children and families

Imagine a world where no child’s life chances are limited by their social or family circumstance. On Approach Social Work, that’s the future you will be working towards. You’ll work directly with the most disadvantaged in society and empower them to bring about positive change in their lives.

Earn while you train

We cover all the costs of your training, including your master’s degree. You’ll receive a tax-exempt bursary in year one of £18,000, or £20,000 in London; that’s equivalent to a salary of £21,000 or £24,000. From your second year you’ll be a full-time employee, with a salary of up to £34,000 (actual salary depending on location). All our partners provide flexible working opportunities.

Receive high levels of support

In year one, you’ll work in a close-knit hub of trainees, managed by an experienced social worker and supported by your practice tutor. In year two, you’ll continue to meet regularly with your Frontline practice tutor and fellow trainees, and get additional support from your employer. In year three, you can access leadership coaching to support you further.

Gain skills and qualifications

You’ll learn new skills while working in one of our partner local council social work teams, putting theory into practice straight away. You’ll qualify as a social worker and complete a fully-funded master’s degree. With the support of experienced social workers and your peers, you’ll learn how to work with families to protect vulnerable children.

Lead change in society

When you qualify through Approach Social Work, you’ll also become part of the Frontline Fellowship, a growing community of social workers trained by Frontline. Together, you have the power to change society. And that’s why we’ll continue to provide support, training and funding opportunities to help you grow throughout your career.

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