Tom, Fellowship Officer










I was really excited when I saw the role being advertised because the Fellowship is such an important part of Frontline’s mission. I was previously at Frontline in the Firstline programme team and left for a while before coming back to join the Fellowship team.

The Fellowship team is an incredibly autonomous team who all love building relationships and working with inspiring people. My favourite thing about my job is the one-to-one meetings I have with social workers who are committed to creating long-term change for children and families. Hearing different fellows’ stories and their passion for making a difference, and being able to support them to do that, is pretty cool.

I also like the focus on professional development and the flexibility that Frontline offers its people; it’s a really rare and amazing thing. The culture of freedom and responsibility means that everyone is very committed to their work and engaged with the vision and mission. There’s an honest drive for improvement in everything we do – from our anti-racism work to our maternity leave policies – which makes for a happy and driven workforce.

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