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Great leaders foster innovation and encourage fresh ways of doing things that can improve outcomes. We believe it is crucial for our fellows to drive innovation in social work to achieve the best outcomes for children and families.

Hear from some of our fellows as they share their thoughts on the importance of innovation in social work.

We also believe that social workers are the best people to identify ways to overcome the daily challenges they encounter. However, they often lack the time, confidence and expertise to turn their insights into practical solutions.

Frontline’s Innovation programme is funded through our fundraised income. The programme gives fellows who have innovative ideas the time, knowledge, guidance and skills to transform their ideas into tangible solutions that improve outcomes for children and families.

Frontline provides seed-funding to the ideas we believe will have the most impact. This gives our fellows a chance to demonstrate evidence of success and learn, with a view to scaling up in the future.

Here are some of examples of initiatives from our programme already making a real impact:


Thrive is an app for social workers designed to help them to improve their emotional wellbeing and manage their workloads. Crucially, it was created and designed by a social worker who suffered burnout herself.


Crescendo – Crescendo is a model of implementing ‘small changes’ within local authorities to reduce bureaucracy in social work services and increase time spent on children and families.

Support us

If you are a trust, foundation, business or individual who would like to support the Innovation programme, please contact us to find out how you can help.