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Congratulations to our 2023 winners

Frontline Award for Young People

This award recognised a young person with first-hand experience of the social care system and has been awarded to several young people for their achievements, and to recognise that they have gone above and beyond to help create change within the sector.

“You’re such a strong and willing advocate for young people in care, care leavers and young asylum seekers, creating spaces for everyone’s voices and views to be heard and amplified” – Amir’s nominator, Katy

“You’ve helped immeasurably in our Voice team to make sure that children are included and involved in all aspects of our work, and how we make sure we do this going forward” – Cameron’s nominator, Fiona

“You’re funny, friendly, calm and the way you support other young people is so admirable. You make us all better, and inspire us to all do better” – Paris’s nominator, Natasha

The Frontline Award for Practice

This award recognised an individual frontline social worker working in local authorities/children’s trusts, who is delivering excellent practice which is helping to improve outcomes for children and families.

Arthur Scott
“You recognise what a privilege it is to be involved in families lives and really focus on getting alongside young people and their families, building trust and showing they really matter to you” – Arthur’s nominator, Clare

“You say you’re just doing your job, and that you’re just an ordinary social worker, but you’re doing extraordinary things and I’m so proud to work alongside you” – Josie’s nominator, Sarah


The Frontline Award for Leadership

This award recognised an individual social worker who is demonstrating excellent social work leadership within local authorities/children’s trusts, improving social work delivery to benefit children and families.

Charmaine Malcolm
“We want to recognise the important initiatives you’ve led on, the culture you’ve worked to develop for your team and how much of a creative leader and change-maker you are” – Charmaine’s nominator, Elanie

The Frontline Award for Innovation

This award recognised innovation within social work, helping to create social change for children and families who do not have a safe or stable home.

Tooba Malik, Thrive App
“I’ve been blown away by your drive, your determination and how you’ve used your own experience of burnout to create something positive and help others” – Tooba’s nominator, Sanjeev

Blackpool Children’s Services, Blackpool Families Rock
“Blackpool Families Rock has really been at the heart of our improvement journey and our cultural change in Blackpool and continues to both raise and realise our ambition for children and families” – Blackpool’s nominator, Vicky

The Frontline Award for Team of the Year

This award recognised a team of social workers or a multi-agency team who have done outstanding work to improve support for children and families. This will be awarded to the team judged to have created the most impact through their collaboration.

Family Group Conference team, Darlington
“Your passion and drive to work with families in a different way and to support them to have a voice on a daily basis can be seen so clearly in the feedback we receive from families” – Darlington’s nominator, Joseph 


The Fellowship Award

This award recognises a fellow or group of fellows who have made a significant contribution to the sector in a specific area. For 2023, Frontline wanted this award to focus on a fellow or group of fellows who have demonstrated strong anti-racist practice, leadership or innovation in the delivery of their social work.

Oyeyinka Olaniran
He is consistent, outspoken and determined in his efforts to raise the bar and spread awareness of the need for colleagues to come together and think about innovative ways to collaboratively improve outcomes” – Yinka’s nominator, Frontline’s Board of Trustees

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