Selection process

Our selection process is designed to test your potential to complete our intensive two-year programme and be successful in social work and beyond.

Throughout the application process we will assess your ability through our competenciesWe recommend you explore these thoroughly before starting the process.  

The application process is made up of six stages which can be explored below. Even more advice and top tips for completing each stage can be found here.

Please note we recruit on a rolling basis and expect many locations to fill up quickly for 2021. We recommend that you complete all stages of the process as soon as you feel ready to. 



Once you have registered with your contact details, you will be sent a link to complete the application form. The application form consists of two competency-based questions and there is space for you to provide personal and academic information. We are looking for you to demonstrate your commitment to working with children and families, as well as an understanding of Frontline’s mission.

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Verbal and situational judgement test: As soon as you submit your application form, you will be sent to complete a situational judgement test. We are looking for you to demonstrate your ability to use logic and understand complex information. The questions are based on social work scenarios and you will be asked to select the response you feel is most appropriate. The test provides three practice questions before you begin, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the type of questions asked and the format of the test.  

We will review your answers and, if you meet the required standard, we will screen your application form.

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Having successfully passed the previous application stages you will be emailed a video interview link. This stage gives you a further opportunity to demonstrate your motivation, leadership and ability to work well with people. You will not speak with anyone directly; you will answer pre-recorded questions from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. We recommend you have read and understood Frontline’s approach to leadership before completing the video interview 

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If you pass the video interview stage, you will be invited to attend an assessment centre. Our assessment centres last for half a day and typically run from September to January. You will be assessed in five different activities throughout the day, which include a written exercise, a conversation with a care-experienced young person, a group activity, a role play and an interview.

We typically hold our assessment centres in London (near King’s Cross), although assessment centres can also be delivered online via a video conferencing platform if required based on government guidelines relating to COVID-19. Further details about the assessment centre will be provided to invited applicants once the application process is underway.  

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If you successfully pass the assessment centre stage, you will need to meet a number of eligibility and suitability requirements before being made an offer for the programme. These include verification of your qualifications and right to work status, references, health/conduct checks and a DBS check.  

Once  pre-employment checks are completed, our team will work to identify a placement for you with one of our local authority partners. 

Information about our eligibility requirements can be found here