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Withdrawn: Leader will be removed from the programme. This will include losing access to residentials, online workshops, coaching, the learning platform, and all other elements of the programme.   

Deferred: Leaders are only eligible for deferral prior to the first residential and any requests after this would be considered within the intercalation policy. Leaders may request a deferral if exceptional circumstances arise which mean that they are unable to continue with the programme and would like to move to a future cohort. Leaders should be aware that there are no guarantees on the date or availability of future cohorts. 

Section 1: Overview   

1.1 Purpose and general principles   

1.1.1 This policy details the processes related to participant withdrawals from the Social Work leadership Pathways programme.  

1.1.2 Prior to the commencement of the first Pathways Programme residential, a leader may request that their place on the programme is deferred. Deferral does not constitute a withdrawal and, therefore, the following section does not apply in cases of deferral. 

1.1.3 There are many reasons why withdrawal may occur, and this may be voluntary (at the leader’s request) or Frontline might make this decision (deemed withdrawn).  

1.1.4 Where Frontline has decided to withdraw a leader from the programme, all efforts will be made to discuss this with the leader in advance and offer support prior to withdrawal taking place. 

1.1.5 Reasons for withdrawal may be due to:  

Section 2: Withdrawal process  

2.1 Voluntary withdrawal 

2.1.1 Where a leader decides to leave the programme, they should contact the Pathways team via the ‘Contact Us’ button on the Frontline website and advise of the reason for withdrawal. 

2.1.2 Where possible, the Pathways team will endeavour to support the leader to remain on the programme however we understand that there are circumstances in which this is not possible.  

2.1.3 Frontline will request a reason for withdrawal to support with decision making regarding future cohorts. As outlined in the attendance and engagement policy, there may be instances where withdrawal from the programme may impact on the leader’s opportunity to have a place on future programmes. 

2.1.4 Where a leader requests a withdrawal due to sickness, bereavement, personal and /extenuating circumstances this will not impact on their opportunity to have a place on future programmes. 

2.1.5 Withdrawal will be confirmed in writing to the leader and their line manager. The Local Authority will be informed via the Partnerships and Placement Manager (PPM) 

2.1.6 Following withdrawal the leader will: 

2.2 Deemed withdrawn. 

2.2.1 Where a leader, without reasonable explanation and in the absence of exceptional circumstances does one or more of the following, Frontline may decide to withdraw them from the programme:  

2.2.2 Please refer to the attendance and engagement policy for further details as to how Frontline will manage and support attendance and engagement concerns. 

2.2.3 If a leader wishes to appeal the decision, they can do this through the ‘Contact Us’ button on the website, through which a meeting with the Principal Programme Lead will be arranged. If not satisfactorily resolved, a complaint can be issued in line with our complaints policy.