What we do

We are developing excellent social work practice and leadership through our programmes, and building a movement of leaders in social work and broader society as part of our Fellowship.

1. Training new and existing social workers


2. Raising the status of the profession


3. Building a community of leaders creating social change

At Frontline, we are determined to play our part to address and solve challenges in the profession and create transformational social change. That’s why, through the Frontline programme and Firstline programme, we train and develop new and existing social workers and existing social work managers to bring a new and innovative approach to delivering social work to children and families.

Our unique combination of theories and models put children and families at the centre and focus on bringing about sustainable change. We collaborate with our local authority partners to explore new ways of working that encourage open dialogue and that create an environment which supports and promotes excellent, systemic-based social work practice.


We are also working to raise the status of this life-changing profession, and to ensure that the workforce is a better reflection of the children and families it serves. This cannot be done without a diverse workforce offering a diverse range of perspectives. Our racial diversity and inclusion plan focuses on attracting more people from ethnic minority backgrounds onto all our programmes. Similarly, we are looking to attract more men into the profession, as they currently make up only 14% of the workforce.


But the scale of the change needed to overcome the injustices faced by children who have social workers also requires a community of leaders creating lasting social change. This will help to ensure that every child has a safe and stable home and that their past does not limit their future life chances. Everyone who completes one of our programmes therefore joins the Frontline Fellowship, becoming part of a community of over 1,500 individuals working to drive broader change for children and families inside and outside of local authority social work. This community will continue to grow over the coming years, and with it the collective influence of fellows.


Your support, big or small, makes a real difference

Our life-changing work would not be possible without the generous support of our partners, philanthropic funders, and individuals like you.