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You don’t need any particular experience to apply to Approach Social Work (formerly known as the Frontline programme). Throughout the application process we will assess your ability by looking for our competencies.

Our competencies

Commitment to children and families

Working with people

Leading with sound judgement

In addition to these competencies, throughout the process we will be looking for evidence of your ability to manage your time effectively and your professional conduct. This includes your ability to quickly grasp complex tasks or concepts, and plan ahead to complete tasks on time. We will be looking for professionalism in your presentation, communication and in how you relate to others.

Eligibility criteria

In addition to demonstrating our competencies throughout your application, you must meet the following criteria to join Approach Social Work.

Diversity and inclusion

Approach Social Work, including elements like our practice hub model, draws its strength from diversity and difference. We are looking for people who can bring different perspectives and experiences to the programme and are committed to advocating for the diverse communities that social workers serve.

We are proud of our commitment to increasing the diversity of our Approach Social Work cohorts and supporting applicants from underrepresented backgrounds.

Leadership quiz

Not sure what your strengths are? Take our quiz to find out.