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Why apply to Pathway 3?

Pathway 3 will give you evidence-informed tips, tools and approaches to: 

On completing the programme you will receive a certificate of completion and CPD record. The CPD record provides details of your learning and supports you to log your CPD for professional registration.

You can enjoy exclusive access leadership networks, including joining the Frontline Fellowship, a growing community of social workers trained by Frontline. In the Fellowship you can continue to develop your skills, share excellent practice and turn your insight into innovations, with continued support from Frontline.

Completion of the aspirant pathway prepares you for heads of service and service manager roles and completion of the in-role pathway prepares you for accessing Pathway 4.

What does Pathway 3 involve?

Pathway 3 is a 12-month programme with a time commitment of approximately 13 days, including two residentials (2 days / 2 nights).

The programme is fully funded by the Department of Education, so there is no charge to you or your employer. However, it’s vital that you attend all sessions and are given sufficient time to complete the self-study modules to ensure you can gain the full benefit of the programme.

Who is Pathway 3 for?

This pathway is for:


Apply to Pathway 3

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