Assessment centre

The Frontline assessment centre is a chance for you to further explore the job of a social worker and share your enthusiasm for the programme.

Over the course of four hours, you will be evaluated by our team of trained assessors, including specialist social workers and care-experienced young people. Throughout the day we will also be looking for evidence of your professional conduct and time management.

Please ensure you read all of the information below to familiarise yourself with the documents you need to provide at assessment centre.

A day at the assessment centre


A member of our Recruitment team will welcome you and give you your personal timetable for the day.

Break room

In between your assessed activities, you can enjoy the light refreshments provided (or bring your own) and get to know the other candidates.

Group activity

You will take part in a mock unit meeting, working with your group to discuss a typical social work case.

Role play

This activity simulates a home visit. You will role play as a social worker having a one-to-one conversation with a family member, played by a professional actor. You will be given information beforehand regarding the purpose of your conversation. Afterwards, you will reflect on your performance with an assessor.

Written exercise

Social workers regularly write reports and present their evidence in different ways. In this activity, you will be given a typical social work brief and asked to evaluate this information in a mock report.


This is a competency-based interview with a qualified social worker. It is a chance for you to talk about why you are choosing this career and what makes you a good fit for the role. Please note you will be expected to demonstrate emotional resilience, which may require you to speak openly about difficult experiences in your past.

Conversation with a care-experienced young person

You will meet with a young care leaver and have a short informal conversation. You will be assessed on your communication skills and ability to establish a rapport. The young person will also ask you some short competency based questions to understand why you are choosing a career in social work.

You might want to prepare by reading some of our blogs by care-experienced individuals, such as here and here.

Further information

If you have been invited to the assessment centre, please remember that it is your responsibility to bring the following documents:


  • Original copies of your educational certificates, i.e. Maths and English Language GCSEs and undergraduate degree (if you have already graduated). Check our eligibility requirements here.
  • Your passport or other documents to prove your right to work in the UK. Details here.
  • Travel receipts and/or booking journey confirmation email if you are claiming expenses (this evidence must show the complete journey and cost).
  • If you need extra time, we will need to see evidence (eg psychological report if you have dyslexia).



Our assessment centre is located in King’s Cross in central London.
It is a 10 minute walk from King’s Cross underground and St Pancras International stations.