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Our Leader Charter sets out expectations that are anchored to social work values and behaviours. It is not a legally binding contract, but we invite you to join us in living out its principles throughout your Pathways journey, as we believe that it will help foster an outstanding experience for all leaders.   

It is underpinned by four key principles: 

  1. We treat one another with dignity and respect.  
  2. We work together to secure Frontline’s mission to create social change for children who do not have a safe or stable home, by developing excellent social work practice and leadership. 
  3. We are open and inclusive to difference; to people, to ideas to places and methods.  
  4.  We will take responsibility for how we engage with learning, through approaching content with a curious and open mind.  

As leaders of an inclusive and welcoming community, we anticipate you will commit to: 

  1. Taking an anti-racist approach, valuing diversity and challenging discrimination through action.   
  2. Acting ethically and transparently, following the Pathways training and events code of behaviour to ensure everyone can take part in the Pathways programme free from discrimination and harassment.  
  3. Taking responsibility for your own learning by being pro-active, engaging positively with Frontline staff and other leaders, attending all elements of the programme, and ensuring you spend sufficient time undertaking self-directed study.  
  4. Engaging in feedback processes to help improve the quality of the Pathways programme.  
  5. Communicating with each other in ways that are open, respectful, and supportive. 
  6. Taking responsibility for managing your health and wellbeing and asking for support and help when needed. 

If conduct falls short of the above principles, leaders will be contacted by Frontline staff and additional steps may be taken. 

If you experience or witness behaviour that is not aligned with this charter, please contact the Frontline staff team at  who will respond to your report sensitively, maintaining confidentiality where requested.  

Any breaches of the leader charter can be reported to Frontline as per the Breaches of Leader charter and Code of behaviour policy and will be responded to in accordance with this policy.