Social Work Leadership Pathways programme

What is the Pathways programme? 

The Social Work Leadership Pathways programme is a national practice leadership development programme for social workers, created by social work charity Frontline, funded by the Department for Education and delivered in partnership with North Yorkshire County Council and What Works for Children’s Social Care. Designed by, and for, leaders immersed in local authority practice, the programme consists of multiple bespoke pathways for four different levels of leadership: practice supervisors, middle managers, heads of service and practice leaders.

The programme has several key components aimed not only at developing individual leadership skills and focusing on how these can be applied directly to practice, but also positively impacting participants’ teams, wider local authority and social work system.

Deliver high-quality leadership development at all levels.

Draw on evidence-informed practice from across and beyond the sector.

Provide a blended, differentiated approach, combining in-person and online delivery.

Have equality and diversity as a core strand that runs through each pathway.

Empower leaders to create a culture which prioritises children and families above all else.

The Pathways programme will replace the Practice Supervisors Development Programme (PSDP), Practice Leaders Development Programme (PLDP), Firstline programme and Headline programme, consolidating all leadership development for these levels of leadership into one cohesive offer.

Why does the Pathways programme exist? 

At Frontline, everything we do aims to make life better for children who need a social worker, to help keep them safe from harm and to give them every possible chance to fulfil their potential. We know that excellent social work leadership is one of the crucial elements to achieving this; strong leadership skills empower people at all levels to navigate their roles and contributes to creating a culture which prioritises children and families above all else. That’s why a focus on equipping social workers with the skills to deliver the best possible support and improved outcomes for children and families sits at the heart of each pathway.

Learn about the different pathways

To find out more information about the four different Pathways please click the links below:

Pathway 1: three-month programme for practice supervisors

Pathway 2: ten-month programme for middle managers

Pathway 3: twelve-month programme for heads of service

Pathway 4: twelve-month programme for practice leaders

If you’re interested in learning more about pathways 1 or 2, sign up to a briefing session by clicking the button below.

The online briefings run for half an hour, once a fortnight, and you’ll get the chance to hear more about our programme and ask questions to our team.

For further information, please visit our FAQ.

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