Developing our people

We develop our employees through stretching roles, setting clear objectives and identifying the behaviours needed to achieve your goals. Regular reviews will look at the scope of your role and your career aspirations. We encourage you to develop your skills and provide learning and development opportunities. Wherever possible and if desired, we will endeavour to provide the support of a mentor of coach. All employees may enrol in a funded apprenticeship, relevant to their role, up to level 7 qualifications, with protected time to study during work hours.

We offer a programme of organisation-wide training, delivered by both internal and external facilitators, tailored to the needs of our staff. Each team also has budget for role-specific training and development. Below are a just a few examples of the bespoke training designed internally to support your professional development

Having effective one-to-one meetings

Originally developed for line managers and later expanded for employees without line management responsibilities, this workshop teaches you how to make the most out of supervision time through meaningful conversation. It also introduces a framework for career development conversations.

Social Graces Workshop

The Social Graces (GGRRAAACCEEESSS) is a tool used by social workers and other professionals to reflect on differences in beliefs, power and lifestyle and how they affect relationships. This training, adapted from teaching on the Frontline programme, helps you better understand the impact of social differences and how they might affect you in your role at the charity.

Project management training

A two-part training, delivered internally by qualified employees, introduces you to the basics of one of the most widely valued professional skills through practical application.